Alliance Doors is proud to announce that we’re moving to our new premises! Although our old property in Leigh has served us well, we thought it was time to move somewhere bigger and better. From our new property in Wigan, we’ll be able to deliver and manufacture a full range of roller shutter doors for all kinds of properties across the UK!

Although we’re moving, it doesn’t mean we’re going to change the quality of our industry-leading products. The shutters and roller doors that we’ve manufactured in the past are still some of the most reliable in use today. From our new property, we are looking forward to creating even more high-quality garage doors and industrial shutters for a variety of businesses.

Why is Alliance Doors Moving?

Although we’re sad to leave our old home on Moss Industrial Estate in Leigh, our business is starting to outgrow it. As our reputation as a reliable provider of quality roller shutter doors has grown, more and more businesses have come to us for a bespoke service. Unfortunately, the limited space in our old building made it difficult to accommodate the high demand for our hard-wearing products.

From our new property on Stephen’s Way in Wigan, we’ll be able to manufacture our industry-leading roller shutters and garage doors much quicker. We’ll be bringing the same equipment with us, so there’s no risk that our quality will drop. We’ll just be able to manufacture more bespoke roller shutters and doors at once.

Industry-Leading Garage Doors and Industrial Entrances in Wigan

From our new property in Wigan, we are going to continue to deliver a wide range of roller shutters to all kinds of businesses and homes across the UK. Whatever kind of hard-wearing industrial entrance you need for your property, we can deliver the perfect solution for you. Just some of the industry-leading designs that we will be able to provide include:

  • Fire Shutters – These solutions are designed to prevent the spread of fire throughout a workplace. They are usually used in kitchen serveries and canteens in a wide range of properties. We can deliver bespoke fire shutters to suit your property.
  • High-Speed Roller Doors – These designs can prevent air from escaping from your business. They will open and close extremely quickly, allowing for a quick entrance or exit in any kind of industrial or commercial property.
  • Insulated Designs – At Alliance Doors, we can provide a range of insulated roller shutters. Badly-installed shutters are a major cause of heat loss in any kind of business. Fortunately, these insulated options can keep hot air in and cold air out.
  • Manually-Operated Shutters – These shutters are a cost-effective way to enter and exit any property. They can provide long-lasting, reliable service and high-levels of security to all kinds of commercial and industrial properties.
  • Power-Operated Rollers – These shutters can be opened and closed by the push of a button or the turn of a key. They are commonly used in retail outlets to provide high-levels of protection against a variety of criminal activity and potential damage.

A Bespoke Design and Installation Service for Roller shutter doors

An important part of our service from our new property is that we can deliver a bespoke solution to each of our clients. Every property is different, and the way that it is used by a business is unique. It is important that all roller shutter doors that we provide are designed to meet your site’s specifications.

At Alliance Doors, we manufacture our designs to meet the precise sizes and specifications of your property’s entrances. This means you will never be left with an ill-fitting or substandard entryway. Our team are experts when it comes to designing a bespoke feature for your property.

The Advantages of In-House Roller shutter doors Manufacturing in Wigan

We’ve been asked why we’ve chosen to move to larger premises, rather than outsource some of our manufacturing needs. The main reason we choose to manufacture in-house is that it allows us to keep a tight control on the quality of our products. In addition to using our own machinery, with our own team of professionals, we can also conduct all the testing we want.

We test every single design extensively to ensure that we will never provide low-quality products to our clients. We stress-test all our equipment, even before legal testing takes place. The roller shutter doors that we can provide meet all relevant EU standards and are CE marked. We also ensure that our products undergo testing by Exova, which allows us to provide a Declaration of Performance for each design.

For Hard-Wearing Roller shutter doors Across the UK, Call Alliance Doors Today

Here at Alliance Doors, we can deliver a wide range of hard-wearing roller shutters across all kinds of properties. Over the years, we have worked with commercial, industrial and domestic properties of all shapes and sizes.

Whatever kind of roller shutters you’re looking for, the Alliance Doors team is ready and waiting. Our new premises in Wigan mean that we can tackle orders of all sizes and deliver them to our clients much faster.

For more information on the benefits of our high-quality shutters and industrial doors, get in touch with our team today. You can call us directly on 01942 683601 to talk to one of our experts today. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today by calling us on [email protected] and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

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