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Rapid Roll Doors – The Cheetah S50

Our Series 50 High Speed Rapid Roll Door is called The Cheetah. They are a wind-resistant, robust product ideally suited to protect commercial and industrial premises with door openings up to 6000mm wide x 6000mm high. In addition to providing ease of operation of such large openings with traffic flow, the doors are designed to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing heat loss as well as providing a sound barrier.

Each door is made to measure, CE marked, and fitted with a direct drive motor with integral safety brake, ensuring each door complies with European directives and gives you peace of mind. Their design has been thoroughly tested and inspected by Exova enabling us to issue Declaration Of Performance.

All our Rapid Roll Doors are manufactured in house at our facility in Wigan and are subject to continuous product development, ensuring the products we offer are of the highest quality whilst maintaining ease of installation.

The Cheetah Rapid Door can be designed and manufactured to suit your specific requirements using the latest technology from the three leading Industrial Door Motor suppliers, GFA, Link Controls and Ellard. Our dedicated team can give advice and technical support and back up an already high quality product with first class service and support.

  • Traffic Lights
  • Pull Cords
  • Induction Loops
  • Radar
  • Remotes
  • Powder coated to any standard RAL or BS number
  • Special colours available at customer request



Door Curtain
4mm thick PVC curtain with or without vision panel. Rapid Roll Curtain is welded together using the latest plastic welding technology. The base of the curtain is fitted with a heavy duty box section to form the bottom rail, which gives high impact resistance; which incorporates a fully monitored wireless safety edge facility. Each end of the bottom rail have sacrificial knock-out tabs to assist in the prevention of major damage to the door. Blue finish as standard, other colours available upon request.

5” Outside diameter Electric Resistance Welded tube (BS 6323), complete with uniquely machined mild steel bearing support blocks at each end, complete with high quality “sealed for life” bearings.

Endplates are constructed from 6mm thick mild steel plate (BS 1449), the motor side endplate is prepared with the appropriate fixing holes according to the type of motor being used, the non-motor end is fitted with a safety brake. The endplates are attached to the side guides using high tensile hexagon head set screws. The side guides are fabricated from 3mm thick pre-folded steel sections, the side guides support the barrel curtain and motor assembly. They are formed using a hinged front flap “maintenance system” for ease of repair in the event of any impact damage.

Constructed from extruded anodised aluminium tube, the door comes complete with one internal and external windbar system, which run on high quality nylon rollers. Double or treble windbar systems will also be used where door size and location dictate.

Knock-Out Tabs
Hard wearing and low impact resistant acrylic end cassettes are fitted to each side of the bottom rail. If the door is impacted, one or both cassettes break off reducing the risk of severe damage to the bottom rail. These cassettes can be replaced by on-site maintenance personnel reducing down time and call out charges.

All doors are supplied complete with a pre-galvanised BS729:1971 canopy and external motor cover. The canopy and motor coated are powder coated blue as standard.

Electrical Specification

Motor drive unit
Three phase 400v AC worm gears and brake motor, incorporating limit switches for open and close cycles. Door can be used in manual in the event of a power failure

Control Panel
The control panel can be programmed via the LED with the run time, automatic or semi automatic running, auto return timer (0-240 seconds). Limit switch, photocell and safety edge monitoring and optional contact for warning lights. The control panel has been specially designed for high speed doors and combines the door control features and variable speed inverter to provide a smooth operating door. The LED also shows the number of cycles the door has completed and the last five most recent faults. The control panel also incorporates a open and close button, emergency stop and isolator.

Safety features
Two 24v AC photo electric beams are fitted providing a closing safety device, also a electric safety edge kit is fitted to the bottom rail causing the door to stop immediately if it comes into contact with any object before reaching the floor.

A crank handle can be fitted to the bottom for manual operation

The following options are available

Induction Loops
Remote push buttons
Remote pull switches
Key fob/hand held/ fork truck mounted transmitters
Radar movement detectors
Remote photoelectric cells

Site requirements
Three phase and neutral isolator need to be fitted to the side of the opening. Fed from a 16Amp C rated circuit breaker to be made available 1m from the door opening to the drive side of the door.

Warranty / Guarantee
12 months or 250,000 cycles parts and labour excluding damage not caused by normal operation


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    Rapid Roll Doors - The Cheetah
    Wind Resistant Rapid Roll Doors

    Rapid Roll Door FAQs

    What are Rapid Roll Doors, and how do they benefit warehouses?

    Rapid Roll Doors are high-speed doors designed for quick access and efficient traffic flow in warehouses. They benefit warehouses by reducing energy costs, improving workflow, and enhancing security while providing rapid opening and closing.

    How do Rapid Roll Doors contribute to internal temperature retention within warehouses?

    Rapid Roll Doors help retain internal temperatures by minimizing air exchange during operation. Their fast opening and closing speeds reduce the amount of time the door is open, thereby minimizing heat loss or gain and ensuring efficient climate control within the warehouse.

    Are Rapid Roll Doors suitable for high-wind areas and environments prone to extreme weather conditions?

    Yes, Alliance Doors manufactures Rapid Roll Doors with high wind resistance capabilities. These doors are engineered to withstand strong winds and adverse weather conditions, making them suitable for warehouses located in high-wind areas or regions prone to severe weather.

    Can Rapid Roll Doors be customized to fit specific warehouse dimensions and requirements?

    Yes, Alliance Doors offers customizable Rapid Roll Doors to fit various warehouse dimensions and requirements. They can be tailored in terms of size, material, insulation, and wind resistance to meet the specific needs of different warehouse environments.

    Do Rapid Roll Doors require frequent maintenance, and does Alliance Doors provide maintenance services?

    Rapid Roll Doors are designed for durability and reliability, but like any mechanical equipment, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. Alliance Doors offers maintenance services to keep Rapid Roll Doors in excellent condition and prolong their lifespan.

    What safety features are incorporated into Rapid Roll Doors to prevent accidents and ensure personnel safety?

    Rapid Roll Doors come with various safety features, including safety sensors, safety edges, and emergency stop buttons. These features are designed to detect obstructions and prevent accidents, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment during door operation.

    Can Alliance Doors assist with the installation of Rapid Roll Doors for both new construction projects and retrofitting existing warehouses?

    Yes, Alliance Doors provides installation services for Rapid Roll Doors in both new construction projects and existing warehouses. Their experienced team can assess the specific requirements of your warehouse and provide customized installation solutions to meet your needs.

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