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Protecting your commercial or industrial property is extremely important. However, you need to make sure that increased security doesn’t have a negative effect on your property’s usability. Thanks to hard-wearing industrial doors in Chorley, you’ll be able to balance security and practicality. These solutions are a practical choice for any commercial or industrial property.

Here at Alliance Doors, we specialise in delivering bespoke roller-shutter doors for all kinds of properties. These made-to-measure solutions are all designed to provide a long-term, reliable service.

Industrial doors are ideal for use in even the most demanding of locations. Over the years, our team have worked to provide bespoke solutions for a range of businesses and facilities. We can deliver solutions designed to prevent heat loss and fit doorways with extremely little clearance.


Thanks to industrial roller-shutter doors, you’ll be able to protect your property. The hard-wearing solutions that our team can manufacture are ideal for commercial and industrial buildings. These made-to-measure solutions can deliver a range of benefits to your building.

If you’re looking for industrial doors which are designed to withstand impacts and long-term use, get in touch with our team today. Here at Alliance Doors, we have worked to deliver roller-shutter doors to a wide range of properties, including:

  • Retail Outlets, including Shopping Centres and Supermarkets.
  • Factories, Warehouses and Storage Spaces.
  • Vehicle Depots, Bus and Train Stations.
  • Airports, Hangars and Terminals.
  • Industrial Complexes, including Power Plants.

Whatever kind of industrial shutters or doors you need, our experienced team will be able to deliver. Our made-to-measure solutions are ideal for all kinds industrial properties.


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    Commercial Doors in Chorley Servicing & Repairs


    The Alliance Doors team specialise in the design and installation of made-to-measure roller-shutter doors for commercial and industrial properties. These bespoke solutions are essential for all kinds of facilities and can deliver a range of benefits.

    Some of the most common designs of industrial doors that we can deliver include:

    When it comes to any kind of commercial or industrial space, heating is a major concern. Not only are insulated roller-shutter doors a practical choice for everyday use, they can be cost-effective options.

    Insulated doors can prevent your property from losing heat. They can work to create more comfortable working environments by eliminating draughts and other issues. Thanks to their weather-resistant and draught-proof seals, roller-shutters are resilient and practical choices for all kinds of properties.

    These are some of the most popular and common industrial doors in use today. Thanks to their intelligent design, sliding/folding doors are perfect for industrial doorways and access points. When opened, they will fold in on themselves as they slide sideways. This will leave the access point with a wide opening, without requiring a great deal of clearance space.

    Ideal for industrial and commercial spaces, these power-operated roller-shutters are an extremely practical choice. These solutions are operated by a nearby key switch, meaning that they can be opened quickly and easily.


    Industrial doors for Chorley businesses can provide a complete range of benefits to all kinds of properties. There are many reasons why businesses in Chorley can choose to equip their property with one of these hard-wearing industrial doors. Some of the most popular benefits that these solutions can provide include:

    Thanks to the hard-wearing nature of their design, these industrial designs can deliver a long-term service. They can be easily repaired and maintained to deliver an extremely reliable service.

    Thanks to the resilient nature of these industrial doors, you will be able to improve the security of your commercial or industrial space. These doors can prevent unlawful entry of your business. In addition to being naturally hard-wearing, these solutions can also be equipped with a variety of features to improve their security.

    Some of these security features can include:

    • Damage Resistant Locks.
    • Bullet and Centre Locks.
    • Ground Locks.
    • Alarms.

    Thanks to the safety-conscious design of these industrial doors, you’ll be able to protect your employees from any potential mishaps. Power-operated doors are potentially dangerous is not used with due care. However, we can include a range of safety features to eliminate the risks of harm occurring during use.

    These features can include:

    • Manual Overrides.
    • Local Radars and Sensors.
    • Curved and Blunt Edges.
    • Covered Movement Edges.


    Although Alliance Doors is best known for out commitment to creating bespoke, industry-leading industrial doors, we can deliver reliable maintenance too. Our experienced team can deliver servicing and repairs services for all kinds of roller-shutters.

    If your doors have suffered any kind of damage, either due to impacts, abrasions or simple wear and tear, get in touch with our experienced team today. We can provide reliable emergency repairs to ensure that your industrial doors continue to offer long-term service.

    We can also provide annual servicing to help you avoid these issues in the first place. We will conduct regular maintenance on these solutions to ensure they work as efficiently as possible. In many cases, industrial doors servicing is also essential if you want to maintain your roller-shutter’s warranty.


    If you’re looking for hard-wearing, made-to-measure industrial doors, get in touch with Alliance Doors today. In addition to manufacture and installation, we can deliver long-term servicing and repair work for all kinds of roller-shutters and access points.

    For more information on any of the services that we provide, get in touch with our team today. You can reach our specialists by calling us directly on 01942 683601. You can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Thank you for the quotes John, I was impressed with your knowledge and liked the presentation of quotes, I would like to proceed with an order for the supply & fit of Galvanised Shutter door

    Kevin Gill  Thatchers Cider, Winscombe.


    Another job completed on time, 10 out of 10.

    Perter Clift GPL Construction


    I give you 9 out of 10 for performance, Very satisfied with the job.

    John Stanley,  JJ Smiths, Kirkby


    Very competent and extremely satisfied, highly recommend.

    Philip Moss,  George Moss & Sons, Lowton, Leigh


    Thank you for the invoice and your first class job of fixing our shutter door.

    Michael Ede,  Eurovision Logistics


    Thanks for all your help you’ve been great and I will highly recommend you again.

    Diane Green,  Rutter Green Real Estate & Property


    Both the Headteacher and myself would like to say thank you to Phil and Kieran. They arrived early and managed to finish in good time (we had a Christmas fair in the afternoon).  They caused minimal disruption and were very professional.

    Janette Gaskell,  Business manager

    St Williams Catholic Primary School


    As ever the service from Alliance Doors is superb. No issues with the fitting of the product and the quality is fine 10/10.

    Stephen Harrison  The BID Group Ltd


    No problems – Product to usual high standard and delivery on time as always. Many thanks 10/10

    Alan Wormald  AWSS


    Our ongoing custom and confidence in the industrial products you supply us with and professional advice means we are very unlikely to jeopardise our professional working relationship we have built up over the last number of years by looking for similar products elsewhere, we are very happy with the current situation and the products you supply us with.

    Nick Rawley  Copeland Door Engineering Ltd


    Can I please just say how pleased we were with not only the service provided but the work that was undertaken

    Great job

    Steve Holgate  J Van Vliet


    Hi Mr Stuart

    Thank you once again for today, your service was impeccable.

    I have forwarded it to my accounts department for them to pay it, any problems don’t hesitate to contact me, cheers.

    Phil  PF Jones

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