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Folding Sliding Doors

Folding sliding doors can be used for a wide range of security and access solutions as they provide both and can be commonly seen installed at garages and small shops where delivery of goods is required. These larger doors offer easy access to buildings which is especially useful when having to move products to and from a loader.


Alliance Doors manufacture these doors to measure for any size of building and opening. They are extremely robust and make for a solid choice of security solution. Commonly used on hangers at airports, these doors, once opened, only take up a very small fraction of the length of the door, making them great for large openings that airport hangers require. They can also be used for:


If you’re unsure about the measurements for your opening, or haven’t had one fitted but believe that your business will benefit from having one installed, you can call us today and we will send a technician to price the conversion into a folding sliding door. All our folding sliding doors are intended for industrial use only. You can contact us directly on 01942 683601.

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    Folding Sliding Doors by Alliance
    Industrial Folding Sliding Doors for a Lift by Alliance
    Ram-Fold Folding Sliding Doors

    Ram-Fold Sliding Folding Shutter

    Profile Door Engineering – experts in sliding, folding doors, complementing Alliance’s expertise in roller shutters, fire shutters and rapid roll doors.

    Caters for larger openings in width and height with a solid and secure construction which is capable of withstanding typhoon strength winds. A typical application would be aircraft hangers. Heavy duty top/bottom tracks are available as an option as well as heavy duty hasp and staple, medium duty hasp and staple and CHUBB 3M50 insurance approved locks. Electric operation is also available.

    Folding Sliding Hangar Doors Power Operated by Alliance

    Hangar Doors

    Alliance Door Engineering are able to custom build hangar doors to the highest quality and to accomodate the largest of aircraft or vehicles. Our Ram Fold Doors are perfectly suited to larger openings in width and height with a solid and secure construction which is capable of withstanding typhoon strength winds. These doors provide excellent security and weather protection for your aircraft and these can be provided as a manual or powered unit.

    Folding Sliding Door FAQs

    What are Folding Sliding Doors, and how do they differ from traditional doors?

    Folding Sliding Doors, also known as Bi-Fold Doors, are a type of door system that consists of multiple panels that fold and slide to open and close. They differ from traditional doors by their space-saving design, as they can create a wide opening without the need for a swing arc. This makes them ideal for maximizing space efficiency.

    What are the main benefits of choosing Folding Sliding Doors for industrial applications?

    These Industrial Doors offer several advantages, including excellent space utilization, easy access for large equipment or vehicles, enhanced natural light and visibility, energy efficiency, and the ability to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Can Folding Sliding Doors be customized to fit specific industrial requirements?

    Yes, Alliance Doors can customize Folding Sliding Doors to meet your specific needs. They can be tailored in terms of size, materials, insulation, security features, and finish to suit your industrial application requirements.

    Are Folding Sliding Doors suitable for high-security environments?

    Alliance Doors offers Sliding Doors with high-security options such as robust locking systems, tamper-resistant features, and durable materials to provide protection for industrial facilities where security is a concern.

    Do Folding Sliding Doors require a lot of maintenance?

    Our Folding Sliding Door range are designed for durability and minimal maintenance. Regular inspections and basic maintenance, such as lubricating tracks and hinges, can help extend the lifespan of the doors and ensure smooth operation.

    Can Folding Sliding Doors be installed in existing industrial buildings, or are they mainly for new construction?

    Our Folding Sliding Door can be installed in both new construction and existing industrial buildings. An Alliance Doors technician can come to your site to assess your specific building and retrofit Folding Sliding Doors to fit your requirements, making them a versatile solution for various situations.









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