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Insulated Doors


Insulated industrial doors are used on large premises that require a robust and well-insulated working space, Alliance Doors offers a fantastic range of insulated doors to suit your bespoke requirements.

All of Alliance Doors products come with a bespoke solution to meet your requirements.

Most industrial buildings who use insulated doors require rooms to stay within a certain temperature for prolonging the life of food or drinks. They can also be used in garages or showrooms giving easy access to vehicles while retaining the heat.


These doors can be made to suit a wide variety of openings to help seal a building for any use. They also offer a great security solution and help keep your premises safe.

There a wide variety of types of locking mechanisms available for these doors which can be vary depending on the security or locking mechanism required.

Please specify any specific requirements you may require when ordering a door via Alliance Doors.


All our doors can be made to suit the image of your business giving your customers the right impression when they see your place of work, such as a showroom or garage. They can be branded to help customers find your business in places like business parks and more.


We offer a repair and maintenance service for all types of insulated doors whether it has received damage from a break-in or a faulty mechanism Alliance Doors have the technical knowledge to restore your insulated door back to a fully operational insulated door.

We understand the importance of having a fully operational business and how a problem with your industrial door can cause your business to fall behind its schedule. Alliance Doors are dedicated to resolving your problems in a fast and timely manner getting your business back on track.


If you’d like to request a quote for the fitment of an insulated door for your business, you can request a survey to be taken with your requirements and we will give you a price according to the size of the door required.

All our pricing is priced competitively to ensure the best solution for your business at the most competitive price.

If you’d like to know more about our service, you can contact us directly on 01942 683601 or alternatively use the contact form above and we will contact you within 24 hours. For all emergency requests please use our telephone number.


01942 683601

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    Insulated Doors
    Insulated Doors Thermal Protection
    Insulated Shutters Wicket Gate Door

    Lynx Automatic Roller Garage Door

    Automatic Garage Door attractive and convenient. Come with remote control as standard and also safety beam. Compact design lends more space to your garage than traditional garage doors.

    Insulated Garage Door Lynx Automatic
    Insulated Industrial Door

    Insulated Roller Shutter

    Suitable for small-large openings where insulation and security is a requirement.

    Arctic Hare High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter

    Reduce your carbon footprint with a high-speed insulated shutter. Suitable for openings that require insulation, noise reduction and speed. This door combines the three features together effectively and is very cost effective. It not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also negates the need for a separate security shutter and high speed door. Safety devices fitted as standard are photo-cell and wireless safety edge. Door can be operated by remote, induction loop, radar and pull cord achieving speeds of 650mm per second. Direct drive motor with three phase inverter giving smooth speed delivery with soft start/stop.

    Insulated Rapid Roll Door
    Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

    Sectional Overhead Door

    A sectional overhead door excellent for heat insulation and adaptable to suit different openings. Standard lift and high lift options available. Complies with latest building regulations.

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