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Polycarbonate Grille (The Poly S45)


The attractive design of our Polycarbonate Grille which we’ve called The Poly S45 will harmonise with most styles of architecture and interior decoration. Although having a wide application it is most suitable where pilfer proof protection is required without sacrificing light, vision or ventilation. Our Polycarbonate Grille has proved extremely popular for counters, bars and kiosks and for individual shop and stall fronts particularly in enclosed shopping precincts.

  • Constructed from high quality injection moulded plastic links and heat treated alloy rods.
  • Nylon end guides are fitted to both ends of every rod.
  • Lipped side channels help prevent curtain from being forcibly removed.
  • Bottom rail assembly designed to accommodate full range of locking devices.

Constructed from high quality injection moulded plastic links assembled on 8mm diameter heat treated alloy rods, the plastic grille has 22mm diameter nylon end guides fitted to each end of every rod to facilitate ease of movement. The nylon guides run in lipped side channels designed to prevent the grille curtain from being forcibly removed and help deter unauthorised entry.

The polycarbonate plastic links of the grille are produced in four standard colours, white, black, grey and brown.

The bottom rail consists of 96mm x 3mm decorative alloy extrusion supported by a robust 50mm x 30mm x 3mm extruded alloy ‘T’ section. The bottom rail assembly is designed to run freely inside the lipped side channels and accommodate a full range of locking devices. Bottom rail and side channels are supplied in  silver anodised (15 microns) or powder coated from standard colour range.

The spring barrel assembly, supplied as a pre-tensioned unit, consists of helical springing contained in 102mm diameter extruded alloy tubing mounted on 16mm diameter steel rod. Nylon end bushes are used for durability and to reduce maintenance costs.

With the addition of centre 45 degree and 90 degree corner stanchions (see separate order form) the plastic grille is suitable for multi-shutter installations.

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