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Customer Portal Ready for Launch

Alliance Door Engineering is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of our highly anticipated Customer Portal, marking a significant milestone in our journey as a leading manufacturer of industrial doors and shutters. In recent years, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced digital innovations, not merely keeping pace with industry trends but actively shaping new standards for exceptional customer service.

Our ongoing commitment to providing an unparalleled service to our trade partners is exemplified by the introduction of several innovative features that have been warmly embraced by our customer base. Among these, our automated CAD drawings, personalised with our customers’ logos and included with every quotation, stand out. Additionally, we’ve implemented a user-friendly digital order approval system, enabling customers to conveniently request revisions or approve drawings through their smartphones, tablets, or computers. These innovations are just the beginning of the transformative experiences we’re crafting for our clients from the point of order to swift delivery.

Putting our advancements to the test, over the past year, we initiated a pilot program with a select group of trade customers. This invaluable initiative provided us with key insights, allowing us to fine-tune our online customer portal based on real-world feedback.

What sets Alliance Door Engineering’s online portal apart is its seamless integration with our pricing and specification systems, utilising the same data and parameters as our internal manual quotation process. This guarantees that the door configurations our customers select are not only tailor-made but fully compliant and safe for their intended use, be it a Phoenix ™ fire-rated roller shutter, an Arctic Hare ™ high-speed insulated door, or a Ram-Fold™ sliding, folding door.


Customer Portal Ready for Launch

 Maintaining a personal touch is at the core of our approach, as highlighted by Tim Stuart, Alliance’s Sales Director. He emphasises, “We’re introducing the portal option to cater to the needs of our customers, who may not always work traditional hours. It is designed to be user-friendly, providing a simple platform for configuring shutters to suit their intended environment. Our customers can access all previously generated quotations and drawings, whether through the portal or our customer service team, and make necessary specification changes. The portal also provides access to digital survey sheets that, when completed, generate custom drawings—a valuable tool for surveyors offering instant information on the shutter’s specifications.”

The online portal, while a powerful tool, will not replace traditional communication methods. We remain accessible via phone, always ready to assist, offer guidance, and discuss the unique requirements of our customers.

One standout feature of our portal is its flexibility, acknowledging that many of our customers work late into the evening, handling paperwork and administrative tasks for their projects. The portal is designed to offer a 24/7 platform for generating quotations and door drawings, accommodating our customers’ diverse work schedules.

Beyond elevating customer service, we’ve made significant internal improvements to create a more efficient and streamlined production system. Our adoption of electronic tablets as a crucial tool in distributing work instruction sheets to various departments within our manufacturing facility stands as a testament to our commitment to embracing the digital landscape. This transition allows our workforce to update progress step by step, fostering improved communication, collaboration, and precision in our manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, Alliance Door Engineering’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer service is reshaping the industrial door industry. The impending launch of our customer portal underscores our dedication to embracing digital solutions and enhancing the overall customer experience.

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