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Here at Alliance Doors, we’re proud to deliver tough and resilient shutters and security grilles for all kinds of properties. We recently supplied a large number of retractable grilles to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. The charity, which has worked for almost 70 years to protect Yorkshire’s wildlife, recently suffered several break-ins. Their Visitors’ Centre in South Yorkshire, providing information and an on-site gift shop, was broken into several times.

These security grilles are designed to provide incredible security to the Visitors’ Centre. These hard-wearing shutters will protect all access points into the property, including windows and doors. These 23 retractable grilles will secure the premises of the Yorkshire Trust Visitors’ Centre against any future intrusion. Thanks to the intelligent design of these features, only authorised personnel will be able to access the site while they are in place.

Bespoke Retractable Security Grilles for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

The Alliance Doors team are committed to manufacturing only the highest-quality shutters and grilles for properties across the country. We take care to manufacture all our shutters and grilles in-house. This means that we can maintain complete control over the quality of our products. Combining industry-leading designs with hard-wearing materials means that we are able to deliver extremely secure solutions.

These security grilles can be used to offer long-term protection to all kinds of access points. As we deliver bespoke grilles, each one has been manufactured to fit specific spaces. This can include windows, doors, serveries and more.

Industry-Leading Security Grilles for Commercial Properties

One of the main advantages of these grilles for commercial and information buildings is that they do not obscure the space. While they prevent access and damage to the property, they allow visitors to still see through the window/door. This means that passers-by can still look into the Visitors’ Centre for information, but the property will be completely protected.

The Benefits of Security Grilles for UK Properties

Security grilles are some of the most popular security features for a complete range of commercial properties across the UK. These hard-wearing solutions can provide impenetrable protection for windows, doors and serveries. These grilles can deliver a complete range of benefits to your property, including:

  • Simple to Operate – One of the biggest advantages of these security solutions is that they are simple to use on a regular basis. These manual security solutions can be used extremely easily and with a minimum of effort, by simply sliding them open or closed.
  • Hard-Wearing Security – Thanks to the intelligent design of these security solutions, they’ll be able to deliver long-term service to your property. These grilles can provide reliable security solutions across a variety of properties and buildings. They are resistant to all kinds of damage and forced intrusion. They will be able to deliver long-term security to your property.
  • An Effective Deterrence – As these security features are so visible, they will work as a deterrence against any kind of security risk. When potential criminals or vandals see these grilles in place, they will realise that they cannot enter the property. Therefore, they will leave the building alone without causing any damage.

Choose Alliance Doors for Security Grilles and Shutters for Retail, Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Here at Alliance Doors, our experienced team are able to deliver a complete range of bespoke grilles and shutters for all kinds of buildings. Our bespoke models are designed to suit our clients’ specifications. These security grilles will deliver many years of reliable service to all kinds of properties, including retail outlets.

We can install the roller shutters / grilles ourselves or, if you prefer, we can pass the shutters on to a third party. For the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Visitors’ Centre, we passed on our industry-leading grilles to Doncaster Joinery, a trade company. They were the ones who undertook the actual installation process and fitted our bespoke grilles to the previously vulnerable property.

For more information on the project, or to see how we can benefit your property, get in touch with our team today. You can reach the specialist team at Alliance Doors today by calling us directly on 01942 683601. If you prefer, you can also choose to send any questions or concerns you have via our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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