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Here at Alliance Doors, we are proud to deliver industry-leading shutters and doors to all kinds of commercial and industrial properties. We are particularly pleased to announce that our industry-leading fire shutters have been chosen for the Zakynthos International Airport. With more than 1.5 million passengers using this airport every year, it is extremely important that the space is versatile, secure and practical.

In the past, our professional team has delivered shutters and roller doors to all kinds of properties. We are extremely proud that our hard-wearing and practical designs have been chosen for such large-scale use across one of the ten busiest airports in Greece. More than 12,000 aircraft land and take off from the airport every year. As such, it is extremely important that the airport fully complies with all health and safety features and legislation.

The Privatisation of Airports in Greece

In 2017, the Greek Government agreed to the privatisation of 14 regional airports to the German-owned operator Fraport. As part of their mandate for taking over the operations of these airports, these facilities needed to be upgraded and modernised. These projects need to be completed by 2021 to meet the conditions of the Greek government’s mandate.

Fraport’s Greek subsidiary is responsible for ensuring that these airports are fully modernised by 2021. The organisation wasted no time and has already started fitting these properties with hard-wearing and reliable modern features, including 2-hour and 4-hour fire shutters to provide complete protection.

The major development work, which is to be continuously implemented over the next four years, will also include further building work. In addition to modernising the existing space, these regional airports will also be enhanced with multiple new passenger terminals. The privatisation of these airports, and the mandate to modernise them, will greatly increase the practicality of these airports. Multiple new passenger terminals will allow these airports to increase their total capacity and enhance the overall quality of service they can provide.

Alliance’s Range of Hard-Wearing Fire Shutters

As part of the initial project, Alliance Doors was approached by a Greece-based trade partner. They requested that we supply 37 electrically-operated 2-hour and 4-hours fire-rated roller shutters. These are all to be installed at the Zakynthos International Airport. Thanks to their intelligent design, and hard-wearing nature, these 37 roller shutters are to be used in a variety of different openings, including:

  • Baggage Handling Areas.
  • Internal Retail Outlets.
  • Canteen Serveries.
  • Et Cetera.

What are the Benefits of Hard-Wearing Fire Shutters from Alliance Doors?

The fire shutters that the Alliance Doors team will provide can offer a wide range of benefits to any property. Both 2-hour and 4-hour fire-rated roller shutters will deliver a reliable service against any outbreak of fire. These solutions are ideal when it comes to containing an outbreak of fire. This is essential in a property like an airport, where there is often a large volume of people in a relatively contained area.

Just some of the benefits that these fire shutters can deliver include:

  • Multi-Hour Resistance to the Spread of Fire.
  • Hard-Wearing Security Against Unlawful Intrusions.
  • Quick and Easy Operation.
  • Smooth Aesthetic Designs.

These solutions are essential when it comes to protecting any property from the spread of fire and to unwanted intrusion. They are hard-wearing, simple to use and will deliver many years of reliable service to Greece’s new and improved airports.

Choose Alliance Doors for Hard-Wearing Fire Shutters for Commercial and industrial Properties

Here at Alliance, we are looking forward to strengthening our relationship with our Greek trade partner and delivering reliable solutions to projects in the future. We are also excited by the prospect our providing our industry-leading fire shutters to all kinds of commercial and industrial properties across the world, in addition to here at home.

Our professional team can deliver a full range of hard-wearing roller shutters and doors to suit the needs of any property. Our fire shutters have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they deliver a consistently reliable service. Our damage-resistant doors and shutters are proving essential for industrial and commercial properties across Europe.

Despite our international demand, we can still deliver the same high-quality service to businesses and facilities here in the UK! Our fire shutters are made from hard-wearing materials and can deliver many years of practical service in even the harshest environment.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can reach our professional team directly by calling us on 01942 683601. If you prefer, you can email any questions or concerns you might have to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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