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By choosing to equip your industrial or retail outlet with a high-speed door, you’ll be able to seriously reduce heat loss across your property. One of the most effective models available is the Cheetah rapid roll door, which can work to improve your property’s heat efficiency.

There is a variety of different roller shutters and doors available which can help to improve your energy-efficiency and it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect one to suit your needs. However, in any area with high foot traffic, a rapid roll door can play a major role in the improvement of your facility’s energy efficiency.

How Can a Cheetah Rapid Roll Door Reduce Heat Loss in Your Business?

While most of the country does make an effort to be eco-friendlier, either to reduce their impact on the environment or the damage that wasted energy can cause to their bank balance, many companies are still lagging behind. The regular opening and closing of industrial doors and roller shutters can be the cause of up to 14% of heat loss throughout your facility.

This number can drastically rise if your employees are choosing to leave the doors open throughout the day. This can affect both industrial spaces and retail outlets on a daily basis. By choosing to enhance your space with industry-leading high-speed doors, you’ll be able to improve your energy efficiency. This can work to improve your business’ eco-friendliness in addition to making a real saving on your daily heating costs.

If you’re having to heat any kind of large industrial space, you know just how expensive it can end up being. Anything you can do to reduce this extremely high expenditure makes sound business sense.

As a Cheetah rapid roll door operates extremely quickly, the amount of time that heat can escape is greatly reduced. As the airflow in and out of the building is lessened, the heating or cooling required in the main industrial or large retail facility could be greatly reduced.

Is a Cheetah Rapid Roll Door Perfect for Your Industrial/Retail Space?

One of our high-speed doors is a practical way of providing industry-leading security in addition to reducing the air loss through the opening. These hard-wearing models are suited to all kinds of environments, with openings of up to 6000mm wide by 6000mm high. These roller shutters can also provide an effective sound barrier where required.

Whether you’re looking to reduce heat loss, improve security or provide a sound barrier for industrial work, a Cheetah rapid roll door could be the perfect solution for you. These systems are extremely easy to operate on a regular basis and can be opened and closed completely in an extremely short period of time.

For Hard-Wearing, Industry-Leading High-Speed Rollers, Choose Alliance Doors Today

Here at Alliance Doors, we are proud to deliver a comprehensive range of hard-wearing roller doors and shutters to businesses across the North-West. These high-speed options can provide a diverse range of advantages to all kinds of retail and industrial spaces in the UK. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or reduce the cost of wasted energy on your bank balance, our team are here for you.

Every high-speed roller shutter that we provide, including a Cheetah rapid roll door, has been designed to meet all relevant safety and security standards. These made-to-measure solutions are available to ensure that you receive the perfect system to suit your business’ requirements. In addition, all our models are marked with CE – that means you can be assured that you will receive a roller shutter of the highest quality, which meets with all European standards.

In addition to meeting EU standards, we also ensure that all our designs are stress-tested by Exova Warrington. This means that we will never deliver a substandard product to any of our clients.

For more information on our diverse range of high-speed roller doors and shutters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. You can reach our professional team directly by using our online contact form and arranging a call back at a time that is convenient to you. Alternatively, you can call us on 01942 683601 to talk to our team right away. Whether you’re looking for an industrial or commercial rapid roll door in the North-West, get in touch with our team today.

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